Contents Pack-Out Services

 Contents / Pack-Out

There is no doubt that when any water damage occurs no matter how significant, after your safety, your next concern becomes the well being of your contents. This is exactly how PRC Restoration & Construction Inc. approaches the problem. Content Restoration is just one of the many areas that our team of experts specializes in.

After you have made that first phone call to PRC Restoration & Construction Inc., your flood disaster problem now becomes our problem.

After our safety inspection and assessment, our next task is content restoration because this is important to you. The circumstances will dictate the procedure we put in place to get your life back in order as it was before your flood disaster.

If you have been exposed to a fire and water disaster or a major flood disaster it may be unsafe for you to attend your home. You will need to relocate and no doubt you are concerned about the need for some immediate items. No need to worry though, simply provide the PRC Restoration technicians with a list of your requirements and they will retrieve these immediately for you, before attending to the content restoration needs.

The next step will be to protect your undamaged items. These will be photographed and itemized after being checked for any potential damage. They will then be carefully packaged and moved to a safe and secure climate control location determined by PRC Restoration & Construction Inc.

The next area of attention will be the damaged contents – which will then go through the process of water extraction, drying, and content restoration. If reconstruction services are needed, these too can easily be handled by PRC Restoration & Construction Inc.

As you can see, all of your water disaster experience will soon be behind you once you place this most unfortunate situation in the care of PRC Restoration & Construction Inc.