Water Damage Restoration

 Water Damage Restoration

When It Comes to Water Damage, Time Is Critical

When you suffer water damage you confront a variety of potentially serious problems, including dry rot, mildew and a number of types of mold. The more time that passes before taking aggressive measures, the higher the risk for health hazards and permanent damage to your property, and the higher the expense.

The extent of water damage can be measured by the clock.

The first few minutes:

  • Water spreads rapidly to other areas of the property.
  • Furniture discolors, dyes in carpets run.
  • Paper components disintegrate.
  • Rust stains start to form on carpet and other surfaces.
  • Noxious odors occur.
  • Contaminated water is an immediate safety hazard.

The first few hours:

  • Furniture begins to peel and separate.
  • Walls comprised of sheet-rock swell and bubble, and wallpaper peels.
  • Bacteria generate sour odors.
  • Woven carpet may shrink.

The first few days:

  • Mildew permeates the air.
  • Mold occurs, causing health hazards and compromising the structure of the building.
  • Internal components of furniture such as musical items begin to expand.
  • Wood floors become warped.
  • Metal surfaces show the first signs of rust.
  • Window casings and door jams swell.

The first few weeks:

  • With the growth of bacteria, any water sitting in the building becomes dangerous.
  • Dry rot and wood deterioration rapidly ensue due to mold, making permanent damage to the structure of the building likely.
  • Serious health risks are present.


Why You Shouldn’t Take Care of Water Damage Yourself

Water damage on any scale can be more devastating than you can possibly imagine. Using a company that isn’t reputable or trying to correct water damage yourself is a huge and often costly mistake. Even if you manage to remove the water, the resulting damage can put your safety and property in serious jeopardy if not dealt with properly. Only highly trained, certified water restoration specialists can identify the extent of the damage, ensure the cause has been properly removed, and apply proper water restoration techniques using highly technical water removal and restoration equipment. Along with IICRC certified water restoration specialists, our team at PRC Restoration & Construction includes a master water restorer and a claims analyst.

We use cutting-edge equipment and procedures to ensure the job is done fast and right the first time:

  • Commercial and residential dehumidifiers
  • In-place drying
  • Injection drying machines
  • High velocity axial and lateral air movers
  • HEPA abatement technologies and air scrubbers
  • Water extraction units
  • Hygrometers and photometers
  • Desiccants
  • Commercially engineered power generators


Treating Contaminated Water

If the water from a dishwasher, tub, freezer, sewer, or toilet is contaminated, proper treatment could require additional measures including a safety and health inspection, hot water pressure washing, protective gear, anti-microbial treatment, biocide treatment, environmental testing, or an E.P.A. approved disinfectant application.


We know how much you value your personal and business belongings. You can rest assured that we’ll give your coveted items the utmost care. Our content restoration experts will assess all items to determine the extent of any water damage. Using specialized equipment and techniques, they’ll restore all salvageable items including furniture, carpet and wood flooring to their pre-flood condition.

PRC Handles It All

If your property requires repairs or reconstruction, we have a construction team that specializes in correcting water damage. We can also do a content packout for you. The team includes highly trained, certified flooring restoration staff to replace, repair and restore damaged carpet and wood flooring. We’ll get your life back to normal quickly and handle everything. That includes the assistance we’ll provide in dealing with your insurance company. Once you put in a claim, our claims analyst will carry out all reports and stressful paper work for you. They’ll even bill your insurance company directly.